Using Libraries

Libraries are like little sub-mods which you can add to your mod. They can add enemies, spells, items, even gameplay mechanics! So here's how to use them.

Adding a Library

To add a library, you need to have a libraries folder in your mod's root directory. Then, just add the library's .zip file to the folder, and you're done! Simple, right?

Libraries can be loaded as both .zip files, and as folders.


The library doesn't do anything!

  • Make sure the libraries folder is in the right place, being in your mod's root directory
  • Make sure the library's .zip file (if it is one) doesn't have an extra folder in it (e.g.

The library is causing errors!

  • Make sure the library is compatible with the version of Kristal you're using
  • Make sure the library has all of its files and dependencies