What is it?
Kristal is a powerful DELTARUNE fangame and battle engine, made with LÖVE. This program allows you to play and create completely custom DELTARUNE worlds and battles. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to join our Discord server!
Where can I get it?
The program is currently in an unfinished state, however it's possible to download development versions of the program at the Github page.
How do I make things?
Kristal allows you to program using the Lua programming language. To create custom maps, you use the Tiled map editor. You'll also need an image editor to create sprites and animations if you wish, where I recommend Aseprite and paint.net.
Where can I talk about things and get help?
We have a Discord server which is the main community. We'd be more than happy to help!
Can I help?
Yes! Feel free to look through the source code of Kristal and contribute if you wish.
Show some screenshots!
Godhome By Vitellary

Take your place amongst the Gods. 40+ boss fights, challenge modes, and a unique ending. Contains major spoilers for Hollow Knight.

Deltamon By SylviBlossom

Kris and Susie get swept into the world of Pokemon and head out on an adventure to become the strongest Pokemon trainer. However, things are not quite as they seem, and they soon find themselves up against an imposing force...

The Cyber Servers By Nyakorita

While on their way to Queen's Mansion, the Fun Gang have to take a detour, riding a teacup into the sky... Not having to worry about Queen for a while, the Fun Gang ends up meeting new friends, new foes and get in quite a lot of trouble...